The Manortown 2018 academy
Notice for Academy parents.
The Player of the Year Awards due to be held on Saturday March 10th have had to be cancelled. This is because of the unavailability of the person supplying the big screen and sound system.
Because of Paddys Day and Easter weekends following this weekend we will have to postpone until some time in April. All parents will be notified of the new date as soon as it is determined.

Starting up again after the Winter break on Friday evening Feb 9th at 6-30 in the Spawell.
New members welcome.
The under 8s schoolboy league starts on Saturday March 10th. This is for players born 2010.
Unfortunately this year only one of our players in the academy was born in this year the rest were born in 2011 or 2012.
We will be advertising for players born 2010 to kick start this team.
This means that most of the players we have are under 7 so they should not be starting until next season.
However we know some of these players are itching to get going so we will be picking out a few to fill up this team.
Hopefully as the season progresses we will attract  more players of the under 8 age group. This is what happened last season.
Then next September there is a league for players born 2011 which runs up to November as a preparation for next seasons under 8s (born 2011).
So even the youngest of our players will only have to wait until next September to get going.
We need ten players for this under 8 team. Each match consists of two 5-a-side matches played simultaneously.
Each 5-a-side team plays four 12 minute games.
We have to be careful not to play too many kids who are too young or not ready yet because that extra year makes a huge difference at this age. If they start getting hammered every week they can become disillusioned and give up the game. Also the stronger players move away to different clubs.
So up to the start of the season we will be training on Friday evenings in the Spawell. We will be changing time and venue after that (to be decided).
We will keep all the players together for training throughout the season, those who are playing on the under 8 team and those who are still just playing in the academy.
The club has been inundated with calls from parents wanting to know when our academy starts back including parents of new children trying to get started.
So we'll see you all in the Spawell on Friday Feb 9th.

For more information on how to get started in the academy call Paul Roberts on 0876862602.